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One Community. Many Apps.

Come Τogether.

Our mission is to connect all athletes regardless of their tracking app or wearable and enable them to interact with each other.

We are actively working to add support for more tracking apps and fitness wearables.

Currently we support:allfit trackers

Unique features for unique athletes!

Activity Feed

In order to help eliminate barriers, AllFit app unites users from various tracking apps, so you can see all your friend's running or cycling workout analysis in one continuous timeline stream.

Cross-Tracking App Leaderboard

Get a combined, cross-tracking app leaderboard so you can see where you stand up against all your running and cycling buddies, not just the ones using the same tracking app as you!

Athletes Community

Be a part of our fast growing athletes community!

Every athlete has a story

Share your recent workout, a motivational story, your nutrition habits, a new PB, a favorite fitness photo.

Happy Athletes

"This is what runners needed for a long time! A truly great app that is easy and fun to use and really an engaging social experience."
Efros Georgiadis
Runner, MapMyRun User
"A very handy app if you are like me and my friends, that each one of us uses different tracking apps and have to ask how they did each day."
Nick Petrinos
Runner, Strava User
"Matched rides feature is amazing and finally we have it! It works perfect and I can challenge myself by cycling the same route."
Irene Kostopoulos
Cyclist, Runkeeper User

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